-Thats what we asked all our live;  we were there in Auschwitz 1 & Birkenau  on september 2004 for 2 whole days.

-We had a lot of questions and we were looking for answers;  in fact we ended with more questions leaving there..

-The visit of the 2 camps, just to be there, moved us a lot... it still do....

-The Breendonk camp is only 25Km from our home, so close!..

-Like our parents told us about the existence of the holocaust, we want to tell the same to you and the youth of today with this photo-testimony;  to "never forget"!

-We hope with our photographs to give a message for no more war and and human atrocities on this world.


-This photographs may be used free by students and schools but only for education purposes.

All others please contact us, also for original/uncompressed/unmarkt photographs.



We want to reach as many people possible, for this reason the site is only in English.

'We are all children of God.'

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