Shaanxi, China, april,2007.

The death sentence of a mother.  She killed her husband. She wanted to protect herself or her children from violence of the father.

The death sentence of a mother. The children stay behind.

The death sentence of a mother.  The children are rejected by society. Children of criminals are criminals.

The death sentence of a mother. The world of the children is destroyed.

Morning tears is a charity organization that exists for these children.

The following pictures are taken during a brief visit to a morning tears project where 80   children are protected and given a new home.

Help Morning tears… Only together we can rebuild the world of children who lost their own.

Koen Sevenants

  Photopresentation (7 min  70photo's)  'Morning tears.'

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Orphaned children of death sentence parents.

Photograps by Steve

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